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A Chesterfield Hero

This isn't my primary email address so please be patient for any replies from me. I will be monitoring it the best I can. Thank you.

​Please send me a message if you would like to recommend amendments, generally whinge or even to rip holes in this site. All feedback welcomed. I hope to figure out how to do a guestbook for people to comment but until then I'll manually upload selected comments. Please let me know if you would like your comment to remain private.

I have had to remove the contact form as I am absolutely sick of scammers sending me the same message about how I have stolen their IP on some photos. Get a life you idiots

Meanwhile GoDaddy has scrapped the 100 free email addresses that it used to offer and started to charge for them.

So because of GoDaddy's extreme meanness the email rob@vickersvaliant.com is no longer in use please send any correspondence to the FREE email below

If anyone knows of a webspace provider that is fit for purpose please let me know as I urgently need to move my custom away from GoDaddy. Rant over.

Rob Mather


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