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Number 5 British Flight Training School - Great website with loads of pictures of crews that trained at the Embry Riddle airfield

V-Force Reunion website  - ​Interesting site about all the V-bombers with some great memories from past crews

Valiants-R-Us - ​Currently being rebuilt in the memory of it's webmaster, Nobby Unwin, 138 squadron ground crew,  who sadly passed away. Rest in peace Nobby

The British Berlin Airlift Association - The website of the British part in the airlift. Contains some excellent newsletters

Allied Museum Berlin - Contains a permanent exhibition to the Berlin Blockade

The Imperial War Museum - Display of one of the Avro Yorks that Roy flew during the airlift

The RAF Cosford museum - Display of the only surviving complete Vickers Valiant

Check-Six.com - A great interview with the legendary test pilot Colonel Joe Cotton

Memories from RAF Marham - An excellent site with great memories

Lancaster ME699 - A Bomber crew at war - Mike Wainwright 's brilliant website about the research into his dad's own exploits during the war, including his evasion of the Germans and the help given to him by the French Resistance after he was shot down. Well worth a read!

The Last Flight of Lancaster ED559 - The history of a bomber and her crew lost in march 1943 - Craig Smith's fascinating story of a Lancaster's last flight from Grimsby, lost with all crew. Craig researched this solely from his fathers memoirs and a photo of the pilot that fateful night.

IWM Duxford - Visit this historic airfield and museum of aviation history and discover the stories of people who lived and worked at RAF Duxford

American Air Museum in Britain - The American Air Museum website records the stories of the men and women of the US Army Air Forces (USAAF) who served their country from the UK in the Second World War. It also records the memories of the British people who befriended them

Mesothelioma & Veterans - This site is mainly aimed at the US Veterans but is relevant to the British armed forces too. Asbestos was widely used in the all the forces and sadly still is in some overseas construction

One Night in December - Pete and Adrian's wordpress blog/podcast site. After finding a pilot's mission map from 1944 in an auction room, they embarked on a mission to discover the story behind it. Listen to the podcasts and learn the story of raid over Munich, a raid that Roy flew in 20 minutes behind this Lancaster. Subscribe and keep notified. Awesome. 

Tony Cunnane's life and times of a Yorkshireman and Aviator- An excellent website written by Tony himself listing his fascinating career in the RAF including his time on Valiants. Highly recommended reading :)

ADF-Serials - A site dedicated to recording a complete history of Australian, New Zealand & Papua New Guinea Military Aircraft. Martin has kindly included Roy's operation 'Too Right' on his Valiant page and there is also some invaluable info on the Valiant Blue Steel trials run by AV Roe and sons.

Annuity Freedom - A mainly American Veterans site aimed at helping give veterans some direction when it comes to financial issues such as securing loans, paying for education, etc. 

Operation 'Too Right'

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