More trials continued at Finningley including a couple more 'Lone Rangers' to RAF Idris via Kinloss and El Adem - RAF Khormaksar (Aden) - El Adem. He also was involved in some SAGW trials which I believe was conducted around RAF North Coates. SAGW stands for Surface to Air Guided Weapon and RAF North Coates was the first operational base for the Bristol/Ferranti Bloodhound guided missile. I can remember seeing the Bloodhounds all pointing out to sea at RAF North Coates from our family holiday chalet on the Fitties Camp, Humberston, north of the base. I used to think they were all pointed at Russia when I was a kid which of course was nonsense since they were just air defence missiles. Just after the trials, Roy flew on 'Exercise Ciano' for three days which I believe he dropped Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) to try and stop the Bloodhounds targeting the incoming bombers and evaluate both the countermeasures and the missile systems. The 16th October 1961 was the last of Roy's days at the BCDU as he was reassigned to the Valiant Simulator Section under the wing of 207 Squadron at RAF Marham.

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