​​A Pilot's Story

A Chesterfield Hero

Looking a great deal older and gaunter, Flying Officer Roy Mather outside of a Nissen hut perhaps and best guess, at RAF Balderton, Strubby or Dunholme Lodge. To be confirmed :)

Taken around the same time, you may recognise some of the chaps on this photo, especially the unmistakeable grin of 'Doc' Stokes

​This will be a short chapter. The meat of the information I have is in the three other titles of 619 sqn, 227 sqn and 1690 BDTF.

​There was once in my dad's papers, a photo of him and his squadron in front of a Lancaster. It is to my lasting regret that I ever decided to take that photo out of my dad's papers to have it framed along with him and crew beside one of his Valiant bombers later in his career. I am no longer in possession of these photos and I can only apologise to my dad for not quite doing justice to his career by omitting these. I also apologise to any interested party who would have liked to see evidence of this part of history. I doubt I will ever see a copy of that picture again but I will always live in hope. The picture was from either No. 5 LFS, 619 or 227 squadrons, if anybody would like to send me any possible contenders to a copy, please feel free using the contact details on this website.