Photo Album page 4

​a BCDU Valiant WZ400 at a unknown air show probably Finningley

XD812 of 214 Squadron flew the last tanker sortie before the fleet was retired

​207 squadron Valiant WZ403 looking a tad dirty. RAF Marham

90 squadron Valiant XD863 at RAF Honnington

​XD818 the last remaining complete airframe whilst she was the gate guardian at RAF Marham

XD821 a 138 squadron Valiant at an air show. Finningley perhaps? With Vulcan XM573

Here are a collection of mainly Valiant pictures I have collected over the years, some have a blurb of info but most haven't. I welcome any relevant knowledge so I can update for others.

​​A Pilot's Story

A Chesterfield Hero

543 squadron Valiant WZ391 on display at an unknown air show

199 squadron Valiant WP213 on dispersal

Valiant XD857 being refuelled at RAF Luqa

WZ380 a 543 squadron Valiant at a unknown air field