​​A Pilot's Story

A Chesterfield Hero

WZ372 Valiant behind a Vulcan  at an unknown airfield

WZ365 with air brakes deployed

Photo Album page 6

​WZ403 at Wittering

Here are a collection of mainly Valiant pictures I have collected over the years, some have a blurb of info but most haven't. I welcome any relevant knowledge so I can update for others.

Vulcan XA896 coming in to land. It was one of the Vulcans in the 1957 SAC Bombing Comp at Pinecastle, Florida

Valiant WZ371 on display Finningley 1962 with a KB-50 Superfortress tanker behind

September 1955 my dad and crew on operation 'Too Right' colourised

​a 90 squadron Valiant XD815 at Luqa with the nose of another photobombing

​Can't make out the tail numbers but it looks to be 49 squadron

XD858 at Wittering

​First proto type WB210 at Wisely

Valiant WP211 at a Finningley air show